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Last Updated:April 22nd, 2022

Can You Afford Not to Automate Your Service Sales Process?

Businesses that sell professional services know that getting SOWs built and signed is a laborious process. All of the manual steps, hand-offs and wait time that takes place from initial discovery to signature add up, and can significantly reduce deal margins.

In addition to a margin hit, costs compound when errors and missteps enter the process, such as inaccurate pricing due to scoping errors, wasted time performing manual data entry, and scope creep when it comes time to deliver those services.

Sales and PS teams burn an average of 600+ hours a month on manual tasks associated with getting to signature.

However, many steps can be automated. Some of the very common, repeatable processes that occur from initial services discovery to deal closure include:

Selling Services

  • Find correct and relevant information on Company’s services
  • Match client needs with services opportunities
  • Provide input into the initial scope of work
  • Update customer relationship management system (CRM) 
  • Send the opportunity to Professional Services to fully scope and generate proposal
  • Provide additional Client feedback / communication where needed

Professional Services

  • Update and maintain services offerings
  • Communicate with Sales / Client on services opportunity
  • Review opportunity
  • Fully define scope (including pricing, resources, systems, etc.)
  • Create proposal
  • Create project records in professional services automation system (PSA)

Workflow for Finance / Deal Desk / Legal

  • Review / approve opportunities
  • Review PSA for go-live dates
  • Update billing engine / ERP with proper booking details

WorkRails is designed to automate the service sales process, from initial scope to signature. The activities and processes listed above represent a portion of what WorkRails has helped automate for organizations of all sizes.  Let us help you recapture 100s of wasted hours per month, eliminate errors and add margin back into your deals.  

Contact us at to learn more and see our ROI calculations.

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