Enhance Your Tech Stack for Better Results

WorkRails fits seamlessly into your tech stack and automates the flow of information at every point of professional services sales. The results are fewer errors, fewer manual steps, and fewer delays.

Increase Efficiency and Streamline Selling Services

WorkRails future-forward software makes it easier than ever for both buyers and sellers to scope the correct services.

See It In Action

Integrated Front-End Discovery Process

WorkRails seamlessly fits into your existing workflow so smoothly that you can even empower the front-end user to do their own pre-sales and automatically start the work order in the system you already use.

Cut Out the Delays with Automation

For most systems, each step of the process, from discovery to invoicing, requires human involvement—causing countless delays and providing endless opportunities for error. WorkRails eliminates all of this by fully automating the entire process.

Fast, Smoother Sales

Professional services sales are often lost due to lengthy delays in processing, often leading to the loss of entire contracts. With WorkRails integration, many avoidable steps get cut out, leading to smoother sales and higher satisfaction rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my team use WorkRails without changing the software we use to make sales?

Yes! Whether it’s Salesforce.com, or something else, WorkRails integrates with the software you’re already using, making the transition to automation easier than ever before.

Can I change the SOW once it’s already completed?

Yes! WorkRails makes it easy for change requests to be done at any time to any part of the SOW—no hassle required.

Do you have any customer-facing options for configuring services?

Absolutely. With WorkRails, configuring quotes is so simple even customers can do it in just a few minutes. Customers can independently choose the services they need, making the eCommerce-like experience a breeze.

What documents can I expect to generate in the quoting process?

With WorkRails, you can expect to create statements of work, master service agreements, estimates, proposals, and presentations—all backed with the correct pricing and terms and conditions.

What does an end-to-end professional service platform mean?

WorkRails is a one stop shop for selling services. From initial discovery to final approval, all aspects of the sales motion are automated. Sell services faster, and reduce the amount of back and forth communication among departments.

Discover What WorkRails Can Do For You

Every professional services team has unique needs, and every sales process is a little different. We’re confident that WorkRails will fit your needs, and we can’t wait to show you how.