Our Features

With more than 45,000 Professional Services quotes automated through WorkRails, our solution is the “go-to” services CPQ for technology companies worldwide. WorkRails is configure, price, quote (CPQ) software specifically designed for companies that sell professional services. We digitize and automate the selling process, making it easier for sales & service teams to deliver accurate quotes and close deals faster.

WorkRails features:

Content Management System (CMS)

The heart of WorkRails is our CMS platform. Business users can learn and maintain WorkRails – no programming or IT involvement needed. Our CMS allows services teams to launch new services to market faster and make price changes the minute market conditions require it. Data from spreadsheets, documents and tribal knowledge can be easily imported to our CMS, making it the center (or maybe  we say “brains”) of your services sales strategy.

All types of services with their corresponding pricing, rules logic and contract language can be quoted with WorkRails CPQ, including:

Training, Quickstart, Launch Kit, Enablement Pack, Service Credits

Technical Account Manager, Implementation, Migration, Upgrades, Staff Augmentations, Solution Design, Change Requests

Consulting, Time & Materials, Projects

Two Powerful Modes to Sell Services

WorkRails offers two innovative experiences to streamline services sales quoting: a dynamic Services Catalog and an intuitive Decision Tree mode.

Services Catalog

Now you can assemble all your services into an eCommerce-style catalog that allows your reps (or your customers) to find the right services, fast. Sellers and buyers can reduce quoting times by 9x through our intuitive UI, complete with rules-based logic rules and best-in-class integration to external systems. Configurable service packages can be templatized, complete with suggested prices, hours and project duration, drastically accelerating quote production times.

Decision Tree

The WorkRails Decision Tree feature guides novice reps, external customers or channel partners to the right service, every time.  Sophisticated rules logic with a simple question-based decision reasoning can recommend a single service or several based on conditions you configure. A graphical UI powers your Decision Tree configuration – no programming needed.

Time & Materials/Fixed Fee Projects

For more sophisticated delivery projects, WorkRails’ Time and Materials feature gives you the power of a spreadsheet with flexibility to price and phase a job according to your client’s specifications. Far from simple line items, each modular service in WorkRails can include price and time allocations, contractors and employees, and other essential work order details. Base templates can also be designed, allowing users to build quotes faster rather than starting from scratch. The power to adjust hours, add/remove weeks, resources and even phases (with a drag and drop capabilities).  Margins and discounts are instantly calculated, assuring maximum profitability for each project.

SOW – Document Generation

WorkRails provides a powerful Document Generation system onboard – no third-party tools needed. Auto generate elegant quotes and Statement of Work documents, with everything from custom language and WYSIWYG editing to impressive Gantt charts.  Our proprietary tagging system allows clauses to be dynamically inserted based on the unique service configuration, allowing professional documents to be produced in moments with auto-saves back to your CRM system or housed in our quote library.

Approval Workflows

Flexible discount logic and thresholds can be defined and trigger approvals within the WorkRails approval engine or leveraging your CRM’s approval system. This provides control over profit margins and overall revenue impacts due to discounts.

Standard Pricing or Points-Based Themes

WorkRails gives you the flexibility to price services based on fixed fee, configurable pricing, rate tables or even new “point-based or service credit” themes.  “What-if” scenarios can be applied to determine the most profitable sale.

Partner and Customer Portals

WorkRails extends beyond your four walls to empower customers and channel partners to find and configure their own service quotes – straight through to an order – without any sales rep intervention.  Portal users can even download a full SOW based on their unique selections.

Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ Integration

As a Salesforce Certified ISV, WorkRails provides powerful, bi-directional integration to Salesforce CRM and Salesforce CPQ, out-of-the-box.  WorkRails can consume data from Salesforce Revenue Cloud during the quoting process and save any data or document to any field, line item or Salesforce object, including Opportunities. Our UI is embedded in Salesforce, providing a seamless, native quoting experience for users.

Standalone Version

Prefer to use WorkRails uncoupled from a CRM? We’ve got you covered. WorkRails runs completely standalone in the cloud. Your entire service catalog and all your quote history can be stored in WorkRails. Future integration to CRM, CLM, PSA, ERP and other platforms can easily be delivered when you’re ready.

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