WorkRails for Service Teams

Make Services More Profitable

Professional Services teams are under increasing pressure to make services a profit center.

With WorkRails Services CPQ, more services can be sold with less friction and pricing mistakes, resulting in maximized services margin and increased attach rates.

Take Your Service Sales to New Heights

WorkRails modernizes the services sales process, making it easier than ever to sell professional services, generate quotes in minutes, drive revenue, and scale operations.

Maximize Subscription Annual Recurring Revenue

WorkRails helps administer more professional services, helping customers successfully adopt and apply your technology to solve their problems, incentivizing them to continue their subscription.

Reduce the Margin of Human Error

Maintain happy clients, save money and gain back precious time by using technology in your favor to correctly scope services. Automation makes it easy, and reduces the chance of service-related mistaken promises.

Scale Your Business to its Fullest Extent

Efficiently improve your quote-to-order velocity, producing higher results to drive revenue. Contribute to revenue growth by reducing labor costs associated with delivering services.

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See How WorkRails Helped Ceridian

Learn how WorkRails can streamline your services sales like we did for Ceridian.

Platform Overview

Sell Services at the Speed of SaaS

WorkRails was built to make your life easier. From initial discovery to final approval, our platform automates all aspects of the service sales process—so you can sell faster and more accurately.

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Streamline the Service Sales Process

WorkRails makes it easy to quote services and obtain needed approval–even customers can do it. Say goodbye to hours spent on manual input and hello to full CPQ automation.

Generate Accurate Quotes in Minutes

Configure pricing options based on specific customer needs and generate quotes in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks.

Customer-Centric Scoping Process

With the use of guided selling paths and service catalogs, anyone (including front-end customers) can build an accurate quote.

Eliminate the Risk of Incorrect Scoping

WorkRails puts on custom guardrails, so only services that can be delivered can be configured. No stress, and no annoyed customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my team use WorkRails without changing the software we use to make sales?

Yes! Whether it’s, or something else, WorkRails integrates with the software you’re already using, making the transition to automation easier than ever before.

Can I change the SOW once it’s already completed?

Yes! WorkRails makes it easy for change requests to be done at any time to any part of the SOW—no hassle required.

Do you have any customer-facing options for configuring services?

Absolutely. With WorkRails, configuring quotes is so simple even customers can do it in just a few minutes. Customers can independently choose the services they need, making the eCommerce-like experience a breeze.

What documents can I expect to generate in the quoting process?

With WorkRails, you can expect to create statements of work, master service agreements, estimates, proposals, and presentations—all backed with the correct pricing and terms and conditions.

What does an end-to-end professional service platform mean?

WorkRails is a one stop shop for selling services. From initial discovery to final approval, all aspects of the sales motion are automated. Sell services faster, and reduce the amount of back and forth communication among departments.

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Find out how your team can increase revenue, reduce churn, and sell services faster by taking an eCommerce approach to selling services with WorkRails.