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Last Updated:September 19th, 2022

Case Study: PTC + WorkRails

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Rapid Services Development

WorkRails transformed how the company brings new services to market. Through automation, PTC saw a 30% reduction in the time it takes to build and deploy service offerings, improved workforce enablement, and accelerated value for their customers.

Who is PTC

PTC is a global software and services company who, together with a partner ecosystem, drives digital transformation for industrial companies. Its technology enables industrial customers to improve operational efficiency, accelerate product and service innovation, and increase workforce productivity.

PTC is a leader in Computer-aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and industrial Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

What was their problem

With the depth and breadth of PTC’s software portfolio, they offer hundreds of services to customers to assist with implementation, training, adoption, and maintenance while maximizing the value of the products they have purchased.

Given the size of their services business, PTC had to use manual and time-consuming processes to ensure services catalog consistency across all different systems involved in their services portfolio management. This was affecting both the speed and quality of how they interacted with customers.

PTC wanted to reinvent how they manage their services portfolio. Given their thought leadership position around services, the company believed that services should be built, stored, maintained, and shared digitally while reducing the number of systems involved. In addition, services’ discovery and configuration should be dynamic, driven by prescriptive paths to ensure their Sales and Services professionals can work together to easily build the ideal service offer to support their customers’ needs.

How did we fix it?

WorkRails transformed how the company brings new services to market.

By partnering with WorkRails, this vision became reality as PTC was able to rapidly transform how services were built, managed, and transacted. The Workrails solution became a digital single source of truth for service offerings, replacing many systems.

By leveraging WorkRails’ Services Lifecycle Management software and service catalogs, PTC can now rapidly spin up services and place them in customized paths – allowing for recommendations based on software the customer has purchased. 

Additionally, customer-facing teams can develop a custom package of services in minutes, generate the associated documentation instantly, and calculate the amount of service credits required to purchase.

Through automation, PTC dramatically reduced the time it takes to build and deploy service offerings, educate their sales force, and accelerate customers’ adoption.

“WorkRails has been a tremendous partner in helping us drive innovation for our Service Catalog, accelerate our time to market and ultimately drive customer adoption.”

Julien Palombo, Portfolio Manager


  • 30% reduction in time to build and deploy service offerings 
  • Improved workforce enablement
  • Accelerated value for their customers

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