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Change Request Automation at Dayforce

Case Study: Dayforce + WorkRails

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Who is Dayforce?

Dayforce is a global leader in human capital management (HCM) software providing human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution.

What Was Their Problem?

Because of the dynamic nature of the industry and the modern workplace, HCM clients often have rapidly evolving needs that require customized solutions. Dayforce receives a massive volume of change requests (CR), so the organization was looking for a way to streamline their CR process to provide optimal client support and configuration for each implementation. Dayforce hoped to pare down the number of touchpoints required, minimize the delay between the initial request and the final implementation, and eliminate tedious, manual processes, including data entry.

How Did We Fix It?

Dayforce’s vision was to create a fully digitized self-service portal, streamlining the user experience and providing complete integration with all downstream tools, including the CRM and ERP systems.

With the assistance of WorkRails’ unique decision tree logic, Dayforce was able to automate the customer journey, providing a quick and easy discovery process and directing their clients to the exact service(s) they needed via an automated Q&A. Dayforce’s clients can now configure the CR to meet their specific needs, electronically sign their acceptance, and submit for approval. Digitizing the process also provides Dayforce with a unified source of client feedback, which allows them to further evaluate and improve their offering based on the customer experience.

“WorkRails has helped us optimize how we interact with our customers. We have not only reduced the time it takes to get from customer request to signature, but we have also reclaimed valuable time once spent on manual processes. We can now devote that time to what counts—improving
customer engagement and experience.”

Bill Porter, Director of Professional Services, Dayforce

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