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Last Updated:April 21st, 2022

Service Sales Enablement for Partners

Help your Partners market, scope and build service quotes with ease.

Partners are an integral part of your strategy.  They support your business, land new customers and help accelerate your expansion into new and existing markets.  You’ve invested time and money in ensuring they have the resources they need to be successful and you support them with education, training, certifications and sales enablement tools.  

But when it comes to quoting services, your Partners are largely in the dark.  They utilize their own methods for scoping an initial opportunity and matching customer goals with the features of your platform.  Implementation plans, milestones, timelines, resources and pricing are all manually generated on a one-off basis.  Questions arise which take time to answer and if you are not directly connected to that engagement, your Partner struggles to move forward.  This leads to unhappy customers and frustrated partners. 

Control all content, pricing, configuration methodologies,  documentation and approvals.

Create one master or many individual Service Catalogs and invite Partners and Distributors to them.

See all services sold and to whom, regardless of the seller. 

Partners should be able to quote services quickly, easily, and accurately on their own

WorkRails’ Service Sales Platform automates the end-to-end selling process; from portfolio creation to fast, efficient and accurate service Configuration, Pricing and Quoting.  As an add-on module, WorkRails can extend this capability to your Partners, transforming the speed and accuracy of how they manage services.

Your Partner’s employees can learn about offers, select the right package for the Client and then configure, price, quote.

  • Reduces complexity
  • Targeted catalog experience by partner / distributor 
  • Streamlines process and limits unnecessary back-and-forth 

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