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Last Updated:April 21st, 2022

Service Sales Maturity Part 2: Integrations

We’re back to discuss Integrations!  This is the second edition of our Service Sales Maturity blog.  As a reminder, we are focused on the processes and effort it takes to SELL services, i.e. generate an accurate Statement of Work and downstream reports.  In this series we will share the levels of maturity we have observed and what it takes for businesses to streamline their process using technology and automation, which all leads to a dramatic reduction in the sales cycle. You can read the original post here.  

Integrations are important because they can drastically reduce the time it takes to get work done, they cut down on manual data entry and if properly implemented, reduce errors to zero.  For businesses with professional services, we see the following integrations most often:

  • PSA: Professional Services Automation; Do booked orders flow into your PSA?
  • CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote; Does line item pricing data flow to and from your CPQ?
  • CLM: Contract Lifecycle Management; Do finalized draft documents flow into you CLM?
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning; Do booked orders flow into your ERP?
  • BI: Business Intelligence; Do you use BI tools to understand your demand, pricing and sales velocity?
  • Customer Facing eCommerce experience; Can your Customers discover, configure and purchase their own services online?  

Bringing it back to the theme of this blog series, the chart above will help you understand where your business fits on the maturity scale regarding integrations.  All of the integrations offer opportunities to streamline and add velocity to your process.  Some interesting things to note:

  • PSA offers a ton of possibility as an automated and standardized sales process can update those project records in seconds.
  • CPQ is useful in combining product and service quotes all together, even if your services quoting process is separate and distinct from products.
  • BI tools help you not only understand booked work, but work in draft (also useful for your PSA). 

Next time we will discuss forecasting and how a standardized and automated selling process can help you manage your internal and external bench more efficiently. Please contact us at of visit us at to learn more about how SOW automation can transform your services business.  

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