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Last Updated:April 21st, 2022

You can do more with your services data. We can help.

WorkRails provides access to invaluable data during your service sale cycles.

The age of digital transformation is upon us, and companies globally are being forced to do more with less.  Professional and technical services departments are no exception, and are being tasked to optimize programs, increase revenues, and provide more value to customers.

64% of services leaders say they are increasing the number of digital channels used to sell and deliver services.

Historically, it was exceedingly difficult to capture meaningful data tied to the services sales process.  Questions such as, ‘who is interested and looking at my offerings’, ‘are we asking the right scoping questions’, and ‘which services are driving the most value’ were cumbersome and often impossible to report on.

70% of Professional & technical services leaders believe accurate data is critical to guide a formal services strategy.

That is until now.  WorkRails automatically logs and categorizes data during the service sales process – empowering your organization with deep, meaningful information that can transform your services business.

Out of the Box Data Points Include:
  • Click-stream level logging that informs you how your services are viewed, scoped, sold, and configured.
  • Proposal level data that showcases which services deals are forecasted in-flight vs. booked.
  • Service item level data to help you determine your leading and lagging services in order to optimize your portfolio.
Typical use cases for WorkRails data points include:
  • Service program effectiveness, analytics and optimization
  • Forecasting resource availability against services demand
  • Ingestion into centralized data warehouses and business intelligence toolsets

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